Areas of Specialization

Protective Services

Experience Matters – when a crisis event occurs, our staff responds with an experienced approach to reduce risk, loss and mitigate damages.

Confidential Investigations

In today’s business environment, hiring the right person, and maintaining confidence in your sensitive position employees is critical.

Workplace Violence / Active Shooter Training

Ft. Lauderdale, Dallas and Orlando are wake up calls. Instability in our society is producing new and unique threats.

Protective Services

Obtaining a competitive edge in pre-trial or arbitration case development leads to enhanced outcomes.

Security Policy Development

The ability to reduce risk, liability and corporate reputation damages begins with a sound and best-practice security policy.

Event and Entertainment Security

With multiple years of artist security logistics experience, we are sensitive to the unique and discrete needs of our performing arts clients.

Worship and Congregation Security

The worship environment should be a place of safety and enjoyment. Unfortunately, recent events within our churches have heighten risks to our congregation.

Corporate Events Security

Our staff will provide comprehensive security assessment and venue liaison services for your corporate events.

Handgun Training

We offer private firearms courses that are custom tailored to our students and the venue available, so that our attendees receive a training experience which is relevant to their needs.

School Safety

Acts of violence against our children are increasing. School administrators must take thorough and mindful steps to prepare for crisis events. We can help get you prepared.

Uniform Security Services

Uniform Security Works. Allow our professional staff of Licensed Security Officers and off-duty contracted Texas Peace Officers to assist you with your security concerns.

Facility Vulnerability Assessments

Allow our staff to take a fresh look at your construction sites and completed facilities to evaluate and reduce your risk and potential for loss.

Crisis and Security Consulting

A workplace crisis is serious business – we have the experience to help you stabilize and get back to business.


Securing the Corona Virus - What Makes Sense?

As more reported cases of this virus are produced – many of our corporate clients have begun internal planning and service modifications for internal and external operations.  It is too soon to predict the overall social and economic impact of this medical event however; recent media sources report a significant revenue loss within the travel and entertainment industry…

The Challenge

Like your company, many corporations are faced with new and unfamiliar safety and security challenges within our ever-changing environment.  The risk of crisis events and active shooting scenes are increasing. Our churches, businesses, schools, movie theaters and public events are the new choices for acts of violence and even death.

These new threats and risks require an innovative approach to enhance safety and reduce exposure to risk, liability and corporate reputation damage.  The ability to strategically plan for a crisis event provides a response to the threat or challenge instead of an unplanned reaction.


The Solution

Experience Matters – the proven ability of our team to blend public safety first-responder and investigative backgrounds, along with a best-practice approach to corporate needs, provides an environment for predictable and effective results for our clients.

Our team of state licensed and insured specialists works with you in matters relating to internal and external theft, workplace violence, confidential investigations, uniformed and plainclothes security, VIP protection and security policy development.

Allow our team to assist you in reducing your risk, loss, and exposure to reputation damages.  Our broad experience with many types of crisis events and training opportunities provides us with a unique perspective.

There is safety in numbers…SAFESECURE 360.

Workplace Violence, Active Shooter Events, and Costs Are Increasing. 2019-2020, United States

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