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Back to School…

Back to Basic Safety

As our children return to school now is a great time to remind them of some fundamental safety tips.  These tips can heighten and focus their awareness and attention without alarming or frightening them.  To reduce student and faculty risk, many schools have enhanced their security and safety planning to include crisis drills.  Remind your children that these drills are designed as a precaution similar to a fire drills and require their full attention and participation.

The Challenge

Like your company, many corporations are faced with new and unfamiliar safety and security challenges within our ever changing environment.  The risk of crisis events and active shooting scenes are increasing. Our churches, businesses, schools, movie theaters and public events are the new choices for acts of violence and even death.

These new threats and risks require an innovative approach to enhance safety and reduce exposure to risk, liability and corporate reputation damage.  The ability to strategically plan for a crisis event provides a response to the threat or challenge instead of an unplanned reaction.

The Solution

Experience Matters – the proven ability of our team to blend public safety first-responder and investigative backgrounds, along with a best-practice approach to corporate needs, provides an environment for predictable and effective results for our clients.

Our team of state licensed and insured specialists work with you in matters relating to internal and external theft, workplace violence, confidential investigations, uniformed and plain clothes security, VIP protection and security policy development.

Allow our team to assist you in reducing your risk, loss and exposure to reputation damages.  Our broad experience with many types of crisis events and training opportunities provides us with a unique perspective.

There is safety in numbers…SAFESECURE 360.

Workplace Violence, Active Shooter Events and Costs Are Increasing

2015 – 2016, United States


Workplace Violence Incidents

Active Shooter Events United States


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