That’s almost 40 officers killed this year in the United States.  Not in a middle east war zone or in a cartel-based conflict no, – it’s here in our country.

Just like you, I am shocked and saddened by the senseless loss of life within the first responder community and the limited media exposure to these tragic acts.  What can we do as a nation, state or within our local community to stop this pattern of death which continues to occur?

Enhanced Training?  Law enforcement leadership has increased their emphasis on non-lethal conflict resolution and de-escalation during crisis events, however, much more must be done to stop this trend of violence.

Increase Manpower?  There is a national police hiring deficit which produces limited qualified police applicants.  In a competitive jobs market which requires college training, job seekers are choosing private sector employers with limited personal risk and typically higher compensation.

Desensitization of Violence?   Since 2000, first-responder injury and deaths have climbed at an alarming rate.  The use of violence against our police officers is perhaps influenced by a shift in the societal norms in which armed violence is becoming more normalized as a response to law enforcement interactions and conflicts.

Perhaps we are reduced to prayer for these officers and their families as they try to protect us and aid us during our time of need.  We should thank them for doing a job that many would not do.


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