Another Texas Active Shooting – why Churches and Schools?

The recent Active Shooter event at Lakewood Church in Houston is a reminder of how frequently these shooters are targeting our places of worship and schools. Multiple factors contribute to this attraction:
  • Groups of worshipers concentrated in one area – their attention fixed forward.
  • The presence of children with limited defense abilities.
  • The crisis impact of fear as other church and school communities hear of these events – are we next?
The Lakewood shooting demonstrated the strategic advantage of having a trained and effective security solution to quickly end this tragedy. The selection, training, and management of uniformed security, off duty law enforcement, or a combination of both provides clear advantages to the rapid detection and response to an armed intruder threat. What is your plan?
  • Does your Crisis or Emergency plan make sense – is it current with correct names of staff, titles, phone numbers, roles in a crisis, and building modifications?
  • Has your staff, security, and on-campus police been trained in the Crisis Plan and participated in Run-Hide-Fight, lock down, and evacuation drills? Did you objectively de-brief these drills and learn how to improve?
  • Are you using technology to adequately place CCTV cameras and panic duress buttons at key locations?
  • Are you conducting visitor background screening (Raptor) for credentialing?
  • Is everyone empowered to “See Something – Say Something” and initiate a crisis alert?
Communication and Awareness Active shooter behavior is typically broadcast by the shooter to others. Have you had threatening communications or inappropriate social media posts which are of concern to the campus – if so, these events require a timely response by leadership and integration of law enforcement. Communication is key to sharing of safety and security topics to aid in safe event outcomes. SAFESECURE 360, LLC

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