With multiple years of artist security logistics experience, we are sensitive to the unique and discrete needs of our performing arts clients. Crowd logistics and evacuation planning in cooperation with law enforcement is a critical step in a well thought through the event.

Equally significant, is our law enforcement and community relations impact process which results in cooperative efforts and enhanced public safety.

Our licensed and armed personal protection operators are specifically matched for low or high profile services by gender, appearance, language, and dress. Personal threat intelligence profiling, pre-event advance planning, and at-venue logistics create a protective atmosphere of safety and security.

“…there are two types of events that you remember, we want to be the good one.”


Employees are licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Bureau. We specialize in many event-related services including:

• Crowd Management
• Ticket Scanning
• Parking Logistics
• Access Control
• Facility Security
• Ability to staff small and large events


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