As our children return to school now is a great time to remind them of some fundamental safety tips. These tips can heighten and focus their awareness and attention without alarming or frightening them. To reduce student and faculty risk, many schools have enhanced their security and safety planning to include crisis drills. Remind your children that these drills are designed as a precaution similar to a fire drills and require their full attention and participation.

• See Something – Say Something. Always be aware of your surroundings and people near you – if something doesn’t feel right – let someone know

• Report all threats by fellow students to harm or bully anyone

• If your child sees, or hears about any weapon – report this immediately

• Pay attention during safety and security training, drills and exercises

Additionally, school administrators have made physical enhancements to the classrooms and common areas to deter and resist dangerous events. Teachers have been trained in crisis and Active Shooter responses designed to safeguard the students during an actual event.

As law enforcement resources arrive to a school crisis, re-encourage your children that the police are there to help them. Following instructions will enhance the security of the situation and reduce the chances of injury.

If you are a school, we encourage you to engage the parents of students when training and updates of security enhancements occur. We realize some procedures may be confidential however, including the families with general information can be very helpful and assuring.


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