Our holiday shopping season is here, bringing joy and excitement as we shop our family and friends. Here are some easy safety tips to follow to enhance your personal safety:

  1. There is safety in numbers. Bringing a friend or family member along enhances your security and situational awareness during this hectic time. Criminals are less likely to target more than one shopper.
  2. Be aware. Take an extra moment and look around you – if a situation or person appears uncomfortable – wait to exit or to return to your vehicle.
  3. More plastic – less cash. When possible, limit the amount of cash that you carry as you shop. Criminals are looking for cash.
  4. Take a photo of your credit cards. Place your cards out and take a photo or video of the front and back. Account numbers, card issuers, and contact numbers need to be readily available if they are lost or stolen. Consider an online service to keep this data for you.
  5. Guard your purse. Criminals target ladies’ purses first – knowing they contain your wallet, vehicle keys, cell phone and maybe even a licensed concealed handgun. Take extra precautions to safeguard the contents and always be aware of potential risks.
  6. Escort to your car. When leaving a business and returning to your car especially at night – look around you. If you get that sixth-sense that something or someone is a potential threat- alert the store or mall security – request an escort to your vehicle. Keep your keys in your hand and try not using your cell phone until you are safely in your vehicle. Use your vehicle panic button to alert others if you are threatened.
  7. See Something – Do Something. If you encounter a crisis situation in a public setting always remember to RUN-HIDE-FIGHT. Removing yourself from the threat is the smartest thing you can do. If you cannot run – hide from the threat in a safe place until help arrives. And as a last resort FIGHT to protect yourself using any method necessary to reduce your risk of injury.

SAFESECURE 360, wishes you a safe and peaceful holiday season filled with joy, peace, and thankfulness for all that we have.


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