Ladies and Gentlemen…RUN !

The recent live event venue mass shooting in Russia is a reminder of the strategic focus and objectives these active shooters have – death to many, and fear to many others. Concert venues and mass gathering event producers should broaden their focus of internal event security concerns and evaluate their plan to prevent and detect external threats as well. As security and law enforcement focus on in-venue crowd evaluation and response to incidents – what is happening outside?
  • Has an attendee been ejected from the venue and returned to their vehicle unobserved – only to gain access to a weapon and return to injure others?
  • Is there a continuous observation of these ejected persons and reporting of their location?
  • Are there effective and timely communication between internal and external security, law enforcement, and the venue staff of threatening communications?
  • In an outdoor venue is the perimeter fencing being monitored to detect items or weapons being thrown over and into the event from outside?
Heightened observation skills and a “See Something – Say Something” atmosphere which includes all venue staff must be encouraged for early threat detection and response. The shooters are ready – rehearsed – have a plan – equipped – and fearless. Is your venue crisis plan effective and practiced or is there an atmosphere of indifference that a tragic occurrence just couldn’t happen to us? © SAFESECURE 360, LLC

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