Run…To The Light

With the killing this week of another student by an “armed intruder” at a Georgia campus – only 3 months after the killing of Georgia student Laken Riley, our school communities are searching for more effective ways to stay safe.

Renewed interest in remotely located “blue light panic stations” is occurring. These stations allow a user in distress to press the emergency button which activates a flashing light and alert siren. Two-way audio and video communication is established with the connected public service entity or school security team to determine the type of assistance required and provide a response.

There is some deterrent value in the placement of these stations as a potential suspect may see them and decide not to offend as the risk of alert increases. However, there are concerns which must be addressed to fully utilize this safety aid:

1. Is there a school policy regarding the use of this equipment and the response?
2. Is the placement of the equipment on the campus strategic and well thought out?
3. Has the school safety team been trained in the equipment operation and the possible responses to an alert and are drills being conducted?
4. What days and hours will the equipment be monitored and have the students and faculty been oriented to the procedure?

The use of this equipment to aid persons requesting assistance has value – as it visually alerts and then joins-in a security team member who can summon Police, Fire, or Medical responders to the scene.


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