Acts violence against our children are increasing.  School administrators must take thorough and mindful steps to prepare for crisis events… is your school prepared?

Our staff of First-Responder trained experts understands these unique and important challenges.

Our comprehensive vulnerability assessment of your school examines current policy and planning – resulting in suggested best-practice enhancements in multiple areas:

  • Security Policy review and development
  • Environmental design survey of the campus
  • Credentialing and access controls
  • Staff crisis event training – active shooter and anti-abduction focused
  • Campus communications pre and post event
  • Inclusion of local law enforcement as a partnership of safety

Contact us to discuss your unique safety and security needs.


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April 7th from 10AM – 2PM

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$100.00 per person

License registration with the TXDPS ($40.) and range fees are paid separately. Please be at least 21 years old and provide a handgun with 50 rounds of ammo. Go online to Texas DPS Handgun License section to fill out your application.

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