Thanks for your guidance and expertise in helping us navigate these difficult issues facing school campus safety.  

You have been a blessing to our school and we look forward to visiting with you again soon. 

P. F.
The Oakridge School, Arlington, TX

SAFESECURE 360 has performed multiple security audits for St. Agnes Academy. They have always been professionally performed, and proven to be beneficial to the school.

Dale G.
Facilities Director, St. Agnes Academy

When a hurricane threatened our Houston
offices, this team guided us through it – outstanding!

John M.
Oil and Gas Executive, New Orleans, LA

From the time we land until we leave SAFESECURE360 always take care of us.

Chris H.
Private Client, Mexico City, Mexico

To me a company is only as good as its leadership, how well those leaders communicate their mission or objectives with the team and how they treat that team. Working for SAFESECURE 360 reiterated this belief. As someone who has spent a lot of time in the security industry, I have seen it all when it comes to good and bad security companies. I’d rank SAFESECURE 360 in the good if not great column simply because the communication is great, and they treat you like you are part of the team from day one. If you’re on time, in uniform, you perform the job that is asked of you, and respect your clients and yourself you will be successful with the company. It’s that simple really. No gimmicks, hidden agendas or games. You want to be successful in the security business and learn what it takes to really work in the field? SAFESECURE360 is the only way to go.

Patrick M.
Former Employee

I could not ask for a better company to work for – very understanding people. Almost been with the company for a year, and it’s the best decision I’ve made in my life thank y’all.

Nikki M.
Former Employee

We have significantly reduced our internal theft problems.

John B.
Manufacturing Executive, Houston TX

Outstanding service and attention to every detail – fantastic!

Tom C.
Oil and Gas Executive, Houston, TX

Attention to detail and seamless operations each and every time we utilize their team.

Sandra K.
Event Coordinator, The Woodlands, TX

I have worked with Robert Henry for upwards of 20 years in various capacities. His leadership and knowledge has been a true asset to all of our endeavors. SAFESECURE 360 is very professionally managed and Robert takes great personal pride to ensure that all of the clients’ needs are exceeded.

Donald A.
Director of Security, Sam Houston Race Park

Satisfied employee! Working for SAFESECURE 360 is a pleasure. Great co0workers and awesome guards. Company provides exceptional on the job training, encouragement, and support in any way possible. Flexible and Family oriented.

K. W.
Former Employee

What a great team of professionals! SS360 handled my security needs in a fast, efficient, and professional manner. I needed some last minute security for a large event I was hosting and SS360 stepped in and went above and beyond what I needed. I highly recommend these guys for all of your security needs.

Melissa C.

Great company. Amazing staff. Hasn’t failed me once since working here. I will always be proud to be working for them.

Dennis S.
Former Employee

Mr. Henry and his team are experts in many areas of security. I have enjoyed working and learning with them in many areas.

Julie B. R.
Director of Security, The Kinkaid School

We’ve been very happy with the services from SAFESECURE 360. I would definitely recommend them!

Ed J.
Director of Facilities, The Kinkaid School

SAFESECURE 360, LLC has always provided service as requested in a prompt and professional manner. The ownership and supervisors have responded to our request without hesitation. It is a pleasure doing business with SAFESECURE 360.

Barry N.
Asset Protection Manager, Albertsons

Hey neighbors, I would like to make a recommendation for Robert Henry with SAFESECURE 360 to all who are thinking about obtaining a License to Carry (LTC). Robert’s LTC class not only provides the State of Texas’s requirements for obtaining an LTC (Theory and Practical) but also includes real-life scenario discussions. The class had fun with developing potential solutions only to have Robert correct us with the potential consequences to our solutions. I found the scenario discussions with a former Law Enforcement Officer to be very valuable and informative. Great insight. The solution to the scenarios discussed often is “to do nothing”. Good answer as the alternative could be a “life-changing” event.

Paul B.
Business Owner, Magnolia, TX

This company has been a blessing to myself and my little ones. I have a set schedule, acceptable pay, and a great boss. To be appreciated and treated with respect as an employee is everything.

Mia M.
Former Employee

I have great team members. Great support from corporate level to security team! Professional and courteous. Awesome company!

Carol S.
Director of Operations, SAFESECURE 360

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