Our country mourns again at the reports of a deadly active shooter event last night at a music festival in Las Vegas. Aa apparent lone gunman – armed with over 10 rifles opened fire from a 32nd floor hotel room randomly shooting into the crowd of over 22 – thousand concerts attendees. The result – the deadliest domestic terror event in US history, over 50 people dead and more than 400 injured.
Large events of this type are increasing as the choice for active shooters with the goal of killing and injuring as many innocent persons as possible. These events pose significant challenges to law enforcement as they attempt to predict, prevent and respond to tragedies of this magnitude.

• How can you enhance your personal safety during such an event?

• What steps should you take to prepare and protect your company and employees from a workplace violence event?

The development of a personal, family and corporate safety plan can significantly improve your survivor ability. The plan does not have to be complex bust must be discussed and practiced when calm – and used during a crisis.
Training your employees to “See Something – Say Something” can alert corporate leadership to the escalation of improper employee behaviors which may lead to workplace violence.

Our prayers are with the victims and families of this event.


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