Walmart Active Shootings – The Bottom Line

Walmart sells things – reasonably priced items with a huge in-store customer base. A recent corporate decision by Walmart to limit or exclude the sale of certain firearms and ammunition with the goal of reducing in-store active shootings, has shown to be less than fully effective.

Active Shooters have various motivations to kill – they are focused on task and go to great lengths to prepare their plan and equip themselves for these tragic events. The shooter’s weapons and ammunition selections do not occur at the Sporting Goods counter by purchasing a firearm and ammunition – they occur well in advance and the shooters arrive well equipped.

Walmart continues to experience a disproportionate increase in Active Shooter Events in multiple states. They and other retailers assume the responsibility to provide a safe environment for the employees and consumers they serve. A critical review of their security and crisis plans should be done with the goal of a best-practice approach to employee and shopper safety.

A sound security strategy must include multiple components such as; uniformed security officers, Active Shooter training, CCTV and a “See Something – Say Something” heightened awareness by all employees.

Is your company prepared? Our firm assists with developing and fine-tuning your emergency response plan when calm, and enacting this plan when crisis occurs.


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