You hear it all too often – “Our thoughts and prayers are with the latest shooting victims.”  It appears all too often on television, tweets and in the newspapers.

As a Christian based organization, we completely believe in the positive power of prayer however, many schools, families and communities do not.  Our schools are restricting prayer – and even the mention of God for protection and direction.

For learning to occur, it is fundamentally necessary for our children to feel a sense of safety and security in their educational setting.  School administrators have an awesome responsibility to protect our children.  Schools, by their environmental design are “soft targets” for attackers.  Multiple entry and exit points, large glass windows, inconsistent credentialing and access practices increase the level of risk.

Pre-crisis event planning, and practice of these plans must encourage an atmosphere of inclusion of the students in prevention process.  Many times, students are aware of peer behavioral changes or threats to harm themselves or others.  They may observe, or detect social media broadcasts of anger, rage and revenge motives by a classmate.  Parents and the school staff – at all levels – in all positions, must encourage open and receptive communications to report these pre-crisis signals.   Once reported, the school staff must have a clear and immediate policy to “Flip the Switch” and alert the administrative staff and emergency services.

Preparedness for these crisis events is no longer a hypothetical that happens to others – it is a real and present danger that we must prepare for.  Is your school, place of worship or business prepared for a crisis event?  Please contact us if we may assist you in the development or improvement of your emergency planning – there is safety in numbers – SAFESECURE 360.



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