Would you like to learn more on how to protect yourself or your workplace during a time of crisis?


Ft. Lauderdale, Dallas and Orlando are wake up calls.  Instability in our society is producing new and unique threats. These threats are increasing within the workplace and schools and places of worship.. Our training of your employees to detect, report and respond to acts of crisis and workplace violence creates an atmosphere of corporate concern for safety.

The ability to recognize and respond to crisis events within the workplace, church, entertainment venue or airport may significantly enhance employee and guest safety. Our Response to Active Shooter training utilizes instructors with first responder experience, providing a unique insight into this ever increasing crisis event.

Developing a plan to respond to an Active Shooter event empowers your employees with the necessary steps to enhance their survivor ability. A corporate and personal safety plan allows you to RESPOND to a crisis event – no plan can only deliver an unpredictable REACTION.

We specialize in Active Shooter Response training designed to empower you to survive.


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